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 Big Picture Rhea Streatfield and Gai Brodtmann

The Big Picture inspired Academy has been designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of students in both Year 11 and 12.

Big picture schools are committed to the education of 'one student at a time'. The key to achievement in a Big Picture school lies in fostering students individual interests, encouraging their active participation in the learning process, and developing their ability to apply knowledge and skills to real life experience and challenges.

Erindale College students who have been recommended for the program, or who have self-identified, will benefit from the program for the following reasons:

* An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) formulated through negotiation with the student, the family, the college and the Internship Mentor

* A personal college mentor called the 'Advisory Teacher' who meets with the student regularly to establish goals, monitor progress and modify the program to meet their changing learning needs

* The provision of an Advisory Group allows students to develop an immediate connection with a small group of peers and teachers

* Individual mentoring and encouragement can be more easily accommodated than in a classroom with a large number of students

* Students are learning in an atmosphere where their individual needs can be quickly identified

* Students learn more about their own skills and strengths and are better placed to enhance skill areas that need strengthening

* Learning in context, or learning for a genuine purpose will, in most cases, provide greater motivation for success

* Projects that incorporate a range of skills including literacy and numeracy completed during Internships in an organisation, assist students to better understand the requirements of various employment and career opportunities. Students are then better able to see the reason for strengthening their skill base

* Flexible learning combined with structured classroom based learning provides a varied experience and encourages students to be more independent learners

* Individual access to careers counselling and information about Vocational opportunities

* Involvement in an Internship in an organisation for 1 or 2 days of every school week

* The development of a portfolio that provides an overview of the students employability skills, work place and volunteering experiences and goals for the future

Big Picture Curriculum 2015

Big Picture Brochure

Further enquiries about the 'Big Picture' inspired program at Erindale College please contact the Deputy Principal, Jenny Blackall, on 02 6205 8116

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