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This Academy adopts an approach which provides an understanding and awareness of the importance of social, environmental and commercial issues in a global context.

Legal Studies - The operation of the Australian legal system and human rights

History - Learn about important events and cultures that have shaped the world as we know it

Business Studies- Relevant skills useful to the small business environment, office management skills and processes

Business Services- Train students in the skills and competencies necessary to run an office

Psychology - The study of mental processes and behavior

Sociology - An understanding of the social and cultural factors influencing individuals, groups and institutions in society

Social and Community work - Working with children, youth, disabled and aged

Global Studies -  Global Studies allows students to explore a range of issues - from politics to the environment to technology - from international perspectives

Introduction To This Academy

Courses taught in this academy focus on the way society operates. Students study: behaviour in terms of individual and group reaction; legal and community rights and responsibilities; and business and economic responses to varied stimuli. Vocational training is available in Business Administration and Social and Community Work.

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