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This Academy adopts an approach which provides a range of different learning experiences to cater for the individual learning styles of students in an IT rich environment.  An emphasis will be placed on the relationships between the various subject areas in this Academy and there will be a focus on academic excellence around the core disciplines.

Mathematical Studies

* Specialist Mathematics (T)
* Specialist Options (T)
* Mathematical Methods (T)
* Mathematical Applications (T)
* General Mathematics (A)

Completing courses in this department will enable you to develop the following work-related skills:

*       Collecting and analysing data
*       Communicating ideas and information
*       Planning and organising
*       Working as an individual or in a team
*       Problem-solving
*       Using mathematical ideas and techniques
*       Using appropriate technology



  • Biology (T)
  • Chemistry (T)
  • Physics (T)
  • General Science (T/A)
  • Electricity and Electronics (A)

Science is a prerequisite or assumed knowledge for engineering, architecture, environmental studies, and health sciences (including nursing, medicine and dentistry).  Students with a Science subject on their ACT Senior Secondary Certificate is favoured by the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) and most trades prefer students who have Science in their background.

The Department of Science offers eight courses.  They are designed to meet a range of interests, abilities and career needs.  There is a significant choice of material to be studied and several courses are closely related to further study at a tertiary institution.  You should consult the Careers Adviser to establish which science courses are essential (prerequisites) or desirable to follow your career path.

Information Technology

  • Information Technology (T/A)
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