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For any enquires regarding the Talented Sports Program or late applications please contact Mark Armstrong on 614 22978.

Forms are available at the College Front Office or can be downloaded at the following links:

Prospective students submit a completed TSP application form to the college as well as an ONLINE COLLEGE APPLICATION. A committee comprising the TSP Co-ordinator, the Principal and representatives from the relevant sporting organisation consider all applications and select those for interview. Suitable students will then be offered a place at Erindale College subject to vacancies.

Year 10 in College Application

The Erindale College Talented Sports Program (TSP) commenced in 1993.

The program has been developed in response to the needs of students who wish to achieve excellence in both academic and sporting pursuits. TSP offers students the opportunity to develop their sporting ability in selected squads with specialised coaching staff while providing a supportive and structured environment in which to maximise their academic potential.

Erindale College has taken the next step to service students in TSP by:

*Providing up to date facilities for student use
*Recruiting staff at the elite level in sport, specialising in coaching, strength and conditioning and Athlete Career Education
*Offering students academic studies at 3 levels Tertiary, Vocational and Accredited

The success of the program has been recognised at national and international level, with visiting administrators and teachers from throughout Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Peoples' Republic of China and South Africa.

Organisations provide invaluable support to programs run by the Physical education department, particularly to the Talented Sports Program and our current list includes:

*Active Leisure Centre
*ACT Academy of Sport
*Tuggeranong Rugby Union and Amateur Sports Club
*Canberra Raiders
*Tuggeranong Netball Association
*Southern Canberra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinic
*Sports Medicine Australia (ACT)

Students must sign a Student Agreement form upon entry to the Program.

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