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Technology & Creative Arts Academy

The Technology and Creative Arts Academy is a combination of the formerly separate Enterprise and Creative Arts Academies. The recent amalgamation came about through the realisation of the closeness in each entity’s goals:

*    to gain a clear understanding of our students' skills, knowledge, and personal qualities 
*    to accommodate the diversity of student needs and personal aspirations 
*    to blend school-based learning with outside experiences to heighten student interest and engagement

Creative Arts

The culture of any nation is born and developed through the arts, and at Erindale there is no exception. The Technology and Creative Arts Academy strives to develop and continuously build upon the ever-growing strength of the visual and performing arts culture within the school and community. This is achieved through developing the skills, knowledge and experiences of our creative arts' students.

Subject specific environs, up-to-date technologies and equipment and proactive, skilled arts educators combine to offer students a number of pathways to excite their curiosity and provide opportunities to excel in creativity, aesthetic appreciation, critical analysis, exhibitions and live performance.

In focusing on the building of knowledge, skills, appreciation and experience within the creative arts this academy develops a culture of excellence through high-quality educational programs and links with other arts' communities such as the Erindale Theatre.

Programs Include:

  • Drama - Dramatic Explorations, Voice & Movement, Actor and Director, Realism vs. Expressionism, Modern & Classical Tragedy, Performing Shakespeare, Sound and Light Design & Design for the Stage
  • Art - Exploring Visual Art, Painting, Printmaking, Drawing, Illustration, Protest Art, Culture and Identity, Mixed Media
  • Music – Blues, Ensembles, Australian Music, Rock Music of the 70s and 80s, Swing, Cool and Modern Jazz, Performance Skills, Working in the Music Industry, Ensembles and Audio Skills, Music and Technology, Music Culture and Sound Editing
  • Photography - Digital Photography, Digital Photographic Practice, Contemporary Photography, Photographic Applications, Art Photography
  • Media - Media Foundation, Documentary, Video Production, Popular Culture
  • Dance - Dance Foundations, Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, World Dance, Dance & Entertainment, Dance Production, Dance and the Media, Dance in the Community, Dance in Our Time, Dance in Australia, Self-Directed Dance Studies

Want a career in Dance?

Talented Dance Program @ Erindale College is for you.

Erindale College’s Talented Dance Program (TDP) is a program of excellence designed to extend and develop the talents of students in the performing art of dance. Students will be extended in this innovative and challenging course with highly qualified staff and visiting tutors. Students involved in the program will continually develop their technique, composition, performance and analytical skills. They will gain skills and understanding in all genres including contemporary, ballet, lyrical, jazz, commercial jazz, hip hop and world styles. It is this exposure to a wide range of dance genres, taught by experienced teachers, that sets Erindale College’s program apart from the rest.

The program focuses on four main areas; developing and perfecting technique, developing and maintaining strength, flexibility and fitness, developing and improving skills in composition and developing and perfecting skills in understanding dance theory. Students participating in the TDP will also have the opportunity to prepare for auditions and create showreels for tertiary dance institutions and other careers in the field of dance.

Application Process

Prospective students must submit a completed expression of interest form to the college, as well as complete an audition. Audition pieces may be sent via DVD or performed only if audition cannot be attended. Students’ academic transcripts as well as references from dance teachers will form part of the application. Suitable students will then be offered a place at Erindale College subject to vacancies. Click here for further information on the Talented Dance Program.

Extra-Curricular Programs Include:

  • Drama Productions
  • College Musicals
  • Dance Festival
  • Bi-Annual Showcase
  • Concerts
  • Art & Photography Exhibitions
  • Regular Excursions

Excellent facilities include

  • Access to a Professional Theatre
  • Drama Studio and Theatrette
  • Media Suite and sound facilities
  • Art Room
  • Music suite and practice rooms



The majority of courses offered within the Technology arm of the TACA Academy are practical in nature with a strong emphasis on vocational education, allowing students to develop the knowledge and skills to pursue a wide variety of career pathways. Additionally, students develop valuable skills for life long leisure interests and independent living. Qualifications achieved in vocational courses are nationally recognised.

The TACA Academy has excellent facilities, which include a fully operational training restaurant, commercial kitchen and coffee shop, modern and well equipped wood and metal and workshops and a refurbished textile workshop.

The following courses are offered:

  • Food for Life - Food First, Nutrition for Life, Food and Culture in Australia, Independent Living
  • Furniture Making - Fundamentals, Trade Skills, Joinery and Finishing, Project Assembly
  • Metal Technology - Introduction to Metal Technology, Metal Light Fabrication, Metal Welding and Thermal Cutting, Metal Machining
  • Textiles and Fashion - Design Aesthetics, Design for Purpose, Design for Futures, Design for Communication, Negotiated Study
  • Tourism and Event Management - Working in Tourism, Tourism and Events Promotion, Tourism and Event Management, Global Tourism
  • Hospitality Industry (C) - The Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications gained in this course will vary according to the combination of units completed by students during Years 11 and 12. Qualifications possible through this course in 2019 are:
  • Certificate I in Hospitality SIT10216
  • Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20316
  • Certificate II in Kitchen Operations SIT20416

All students must commence the course with the unit - Hospitality Industry Fundamentals, as this unit contains the unit of competence SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety. This unit of competence is a prerequisite for other units. Successful completion of this unit will ensure that students are well prepared for the content and activities ahead in this course. As part of this course students also have the opportunity to complete Vocational Placements (Structured Workplace Learning) in Hospitality workplaces.

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