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Apply for Enrolment for Year 11 Students beginning 2021

For Students Transferring in 2020: 

Any student enrolling for Year 11 or Year 12 mid-year OR any student wishing to enrol at Erindale College  will be required to meet with the Deputy Principal for an interview regarding reason for transfer and education history before completing an enrolment form. Further information and instructions regarding enrolments will be given during this interview.
Appointments can be made by phone: 6142 2977

For current Year 9 students wanting to enroll in the Year 10 Program, more information can be found here.

NSW Resident Enrolments for Year 11 2020

NSW families are welcome to apply to Erindale College as the Southside pathway school. More information can be found at NSW resident enrolments.

ACT K-12 students living within a Priority Enrolment Area (PEA) of a school are guaranteed a place at that school regardless of when they apply.  If a school has capacity after enrolling students from within its own PEA, it may offer enrolment to ACT students living outside their PEA with a valid reason for applying.

Erindale College's Priority Enrolment Area covers students residing in:

Chisholm, Fadden, Gilmore, Gowrie, Hume, Macarthur, Monash, Oxley, Wanniassa and Kambah

Further information about enrolment areas is available on the Priority Enrolment Area webpage.

Special Programs Offered:


The policy about enrolment in an ACT public school is available at


If you require assistance on the enrolment procedure or process contact the ACT Education Directorate

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