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Erindale College recognises the benefits that the chaplaincy service can provide to students and the college community. The college also recognises the right of students to choose whether to engage with the chaplaincy service and to participate in activities and events organised or run by the chaplain. The chaplaincy service forms one part of the provision of support for wellbeing for members of the college community.

"The objectives of the program are to assist Erindale College provide pastoral care and general spiritual, social and emotional comfort to all students, irrespective of their faith or beliefs."* The chaplaincy service supports students, their families and staff of all beliefs and does not seek to impose any beliefs or persuade an individual to adhere to a particular set of beliefs. Participation by students in programs, events and activities organised by the Chaplain is voluntary. The college does not require participation as a condition of enrolment.

*ACT National School Chaplaincy Program Guidelines Sec 1.2


The chaplaincy service at Erindale College is provided by the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) funded by the Department of Education and Training through the funding recipient School Chaplaincy ACT (SC ACT). The National School Chaplaincy Program operates in the ACT under the guidelines referenced below. Chaplains have a key role in supporting the spiritual wellbeing of students, regardless of faith or beliefs. The Chaplaincy Service supports students, their families and staff of all beliefs and does not seek to impose any beliefs or persuade an individual toward a particular set of beliefs.

The chaplain will work in collaboration with the Student Services team under the supervision of the Executive Teacher Students at Erindale College and in collaboration with the Deputy Principal. Activities as part of the chaplaincy will address student well-being and will promote student voice. These may include:

  • Opportunities to discuss faith, beliefs and spirituality
  • Breakfast program, sponsored by donors
  • Forums, such as seminars and discussion groups
  • Pastoral care provision, in consultation with the Student Services Executive teacher and College Link team
  • Activities and provision of facilities to promote positive student engagement with college life. The Chaplain must ensure that chaplaincy services and programs of the college:
  • are approved by the Principal, Deputy Principal Students and/or Student Services Executive Teacher
  • have the appropriate prior parental/guardian consent, and
  • have the voluntary consent of the students who participate in the programs or service. The college provides a yearly progress report
  • The report is provided by the college to the SC ACT
  • The report is lodged by the funding recipient with the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

The college community participates in an ongoing consultation process to ensure that the program continues to be relevant and effective for the needs of our school community. The consultation includes:

  • Regular updates on the chaplaincy in the college newsletter, on the college Facebook page, through student notices
  • Regular consultations by the chaplain with the College Link team, the Student Services Executive Teacher and the Deputy


  • Reporting and discussion at College Board meetings.


Erindale College Chaplaincy Policy and Procedures:

National School Chaplaincy Association:

National School Chaplaincy Programme:

ACT National School Chaplaincy Program Guidelines, ACT-NSCP-guidelines.pdf

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