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Welcome to the Erindale College experience.

Michael Hall

At Erindale College we aim to continually improve our excellent learning community. We have an enduring focus on learning in a safe and caring environment.

Our mission is to create a culture of high expectation in learning and teaching with strong evidence of student achievement. We aim to build a learning community with a culture that empowers people as leaders and has a diversity of life pathways for students. We will empower students and teachers as learners; leaders; and responsible, healthy citizens. We will do this in strong partnership with families, community agencies, business and industry.

Our values:
*    Quality teaching and learning across a comprehensive, contemporary curriculum.
*    Excellence in achievement, creativity and independent thinking for all.
*    Respectful relationships.
*    Safe, supportive and nurturing social and physical environments.
*    Effective networks within and beyond the college and constructive and rewarding partnerships.
*    A futures-orientation to learning, teaching and community.

We provide a wide range of courses to meet your needs. We want to ensure your success. The College Course Guide lists courses that enable you to pursue pathways leading to university, further education and direct employment.

In 2015, we joined the Cambridge International Education family of schools. Every year, nearly a million Cambridge learners from 10,000 schools in 160 countries prepare for their future with an international education from Cambridge. Erindale College is the tenth Cambridge International Education School in Australia and the very first government school in the country to join Cambridge. An exciting adventure is ahead of us.

Cambridge International Education enrolments commence by application and selection in Semester 2 2015 for year 9 students.

We have an Academy structure in which curriculum and special programs are grouped. By belonging to an Academy students have the benefit of receiving support and advice from teachers who have an expert professional understanding of the curriculum for the particular area of interest.

College Link is based within Academies and is a mandatory course for all students. College Link teachers aim to mentor, counsel, and coach students towards success. Attendance is checked and followed-up by Link teachers. Academic programs are monitored and managed in consultation between students, parents and the Link teacher. In Year 12, pathway planning with a well-rounded preparation for the transition beyond Erindale College is a significant part of the program.

The incredibly successful Talented Sports Program (TSP) is a feature of the Erindale Sports Academy. TSP offers students the opportunity to develop their sporting ability in selected squads with specialised coaching staff while providing a supportive and structured environment in which to maximise their academic potential.

Talented sports students in Year 10 entered this program for full-time education in a college setting and this is proving very successful. The talented student approach is reflected in the other Academies as well. The SUMMIT program is a specialist program in Mathematics and Science for talented Year 10 students, with a curriculum that challenges these young people in these disciplines. This is now a full-time option for Year 10 students. Further opportunities for specialisation are available in areas of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and in Creative and Performing Arts.

Exciting initiatives of the Tuggeranong Network of Schools are being led by Erindale College. The 'Big Picture' inspired Program offers Year 11 and Year 12 students a full-time opportunity to engage with a personalised learning approach. The Tuggeranong Sustainable Living Trades Training Centre allows students access to Certificate III pathways in Building Construction, Automotive, Hospitality and Horticulture from the late high school years to graduation in Year 12.

Erindale College is unique in the ACT in that it is part of the larger Erindale Education and Recreation Complex. This complex provides students with access to a modern 450-seat theatre in which high quality productions are presented both by the college and community. The Erindale Library, with its very extensive collection, is open during the day and evening all year round. The facilities in the Active Leisure Centre, available for student use, include a 25-metre swimming pool and fully equipped gym.

We welcome students to our college and we look forward to helping all celebrate success.


Michael Hall


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