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Year 11 Student becomes the Student Voice

Jessica Franic-Blowers
Jessica Franic-Blowers (r) making a valid point as Peter Teo from Skills Canberra listens on.

On Friday 31 March Jessica Franic-Blowers (Yr11) attended the CBRVET Summit at EPIC. This was a summit organised by Skills Canberra to bring together stakeholders in the apprenticeships area, including those doing ASBAs, the Australian Schools-based Apprenticeship program, including VET as part of the Year 12 package.

The assembled audience included the 2016 ACT Apprentice of the Year Jacob Keed, who went on to win the Australian Apprentice of the Year 2016, along with other apprentices, ASBA students, business people (host employers) and industry representatives. Jessica enjoyed the opportunity to meet some fellow ASBA students and became actively involved in the conversations that arose around three focus questions. All of the questions revolved around what has worked and what hasn’t in engaging apprentices and ASBAs and keeping them involved.

Each focus question was followed by a short reporting period where the first two-three major points were recorded and the records secured by Skills Canberra staff to be used in formulating their next policy and recommendation to Government.

Jessica said she enjoyed being able to give some student voice and input into a process that will impact on so many other students in years to come.

Posted: 11th April 2017

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The Capital Chemist College Scholarships are for ACT public school students who will be in their final year of secondary education in 2017.

Each of the ACT’s nine secondary colleges and two specialist schools are awarded up to three scholarships, including an Academic Excellence Scholarship, a Citizenship Scholarship and a Capital Chemist Scholarship offered to a student with a particular need.

Each scholar will receive $1000 to be used for their direct educational benefit during their final year of schooling. Funds are to be administered by the student’s School Principal, on the scholar’s behalf.

The scholarship is to cover educational expenses.

This years winners from Erindale College are;

Jane Spooner: Academic Excellence Award

Jane Spooner Capital Chemist Scholar

Jane with Minister Berry and Public Education Foundation Board Chair Chris Ryan

Jane is a young woman of immense talent with a maturity way beyond her years. Jane adopts an independent stance in relation to all facets of her life with an exemplary capacity to delicately balance the competing demands of her academic studies, sporting commitments, family life, social interactions and part-time work. Jane is a leader within Erindale College and offers her advice, wisdom and practical assistance whenever the opportunity arises.

Isabella Beath-Williams: Citizenship Award

Isabella Rose Beath Williams Capital Chemist Scholar

Isabella with Minister Berry and Public Education Foundation Board Chair Chris Ryan

Isabella has overcome numerous challenges to perform well at Erindale College. She constantly endeavours to improve her results by focusing on her goals. She is also to be applauded for managing the demands of a complex life involving home, college and social environments. Bella has the unerring support of her teachers as she demonstrates all that we expect of young citizens.

Josh Harper: Capital Chemist Award

Josh Harper

Principal Michael Hall presents Josh with his Scholarship

Josh is a strong academic student who studies high level Maths, Science and English. At Erindale College, Josh has been instrumental in the student leadership group and has offered his support to a diverse range of initiatives. He is a strong advocate for student voice in the decision-making process. He is also selfless in his contribution to welcoming new students and advocating for their well-being.

Posted in the MARCH Bulletin 2017

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Corroboree Park Hall Ainslie on Thursday afternoon 2nd March was the venue for an event arranged by The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Section of the Education Directorate. The hall was filled with an enthusiastic group of ACT Government students, their parents and families, departmental officials, and teachers.  The event was organised to congratulate a group of twelve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Year 11 and Year 12 students who had successfully applied and were awarded scholarships worth up to $8,000 to support their Secondary Education.

Four talented students from Erindale College were presented with scholarships.  They were Bella Beath-Williams and Rebekah Pender of Year 12, and Chloe Ives and Lauren Freeman of Year 11.  In order to be considered for a scholarship, in September 2016, these students had to complete a written application with a portfolio of evidence against seven key competencies. After the application stage they were then required to attend a thirty-minute presentation interview using their portfolio of evidence.  They were also required to present a plan toward their chosen pathway and a budget that demonstrates effective use of the scholarship.

We congratulate these young women on their initiative, their ability to successfully negotiate a challenging application process, and their ongoing commitment to their education.

Jenny Blackall - Mindyigari Centre

Posted in the MARCH Bulletin 2017

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Hospitality 3

Our new students in Erindale College Hospitality have started out 2017 with a display of promising talent in the classes. The students are excited at the prospect of their chance to run the college Class ACT Café which will start term 2 for the year 11 classes.

The continuing year 12’s are launching into their new semester this year with excitement as we start to work on some more technical recipes in the subject of appetisers, soups and salads.

The start of the year has already offered our Hospitality students a chance to cater for the Rugby 9’s canteen at Seiffert Oval and the Parent Information Night.

Mitchell Samin - Hospitality Teacher

Posted in the MARCH Bulletin 2017

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As Albert Einstein said,
“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music”

That is how many other people also see it. Erindale College Music is headed up by Sandy France, a very competent composer in several genres and multi-instrumentalist who inspires the students to challenge and extend themselves.

Declan Shrubb Me and my Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse 

(L) Declan Shrubb

In recent years Erindale graduates have included the composer of the soundtrack of the film, Me and my mates vs the Zombie Apocalypse, Morgan Quinn. Morgan has also released two successful albums with his band, Pleased to Jive You. Declan Shrubb, another ex-Erindale Music student is the Writer and Director of this cult film.

Another former Erindale Music student, Madison Wallace , who was the featured performer/entertainer at the opening of the Tuggeranong Sustainable Living Trade Training Centre when she was a student, has recently travelled to LA to follow her music dream as a performer and a composer. Madi is currently considering an opportunity to have some of her own songs included on a new compilation album. Her brother Will has started studies at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney.

From the graduating class of 2016 multi-instrumentalist Justin Wilson has continued on his musical pathway enrolling in the music Course at CIT. A fellow alumnus from last year, Jack Costigan, recently won the highly competitive and sought-after position working full time at Better Music. Congratulations Jack!

Jack Costigan and Sandy France
Music teacher Sandy France (L) with Jack Costigan (R)

But not all students desire to follow a career performing music. For example, James Weeden, who after completing a double major in music at Erindale College some years back, got his music education degree through University of New England and taught overseas before returning to Australia. James was recently appointed the music teacher at Caroline Chisholm School this year. Congratulations James!

Yet another pathway after studying Music at Erindale College was followed by the current Erindale Theatre Manager, Alex Clifford. His immediate predecessor, Chris Wind, also worked in the Erindale Theatre after finishing his double major in music at Erindale College before winning the highly coveted position of technician at the Melbourne Recital Hall. Go Chris!

When you throw into this Musical mix Gibb (Gabriel Tartaris) , a professional musician, producing and composing electronic music, teaching and touring the world, Chad Barnier  playing in successful band "Drawing North", vocalists Leanne Olsen and Tash Carlton, and violinist Heather Roche, actively participating  in the local music and music theatre scene you can see a glimpse of the wide variety of career pathways that studying music can open up.

So whether students are interested in Vocals, Instrumentals, technical/production or song-writing teacher Sandy France says “It’s all about helping them to find their own sound.”

There will be lots of showcase performance opportunities for the Music students to present their sounds during 2017 and the students hope you will take the opportunity to hear and enjoy what they have to offer.

Posted in the MARCH Bulletin 2017

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Talented Dancers 2

In only its second year of operating, the demand for places in the Talented Dance Program has meant that everyone has to hit the boards running – so to speak. The dedicated opportunity for students to follow a pathway that could lead to a career in Dance has been so welcomed by students that it has meant a delightful headache for Dance teachers Ali McEwen and Pip O’Shea in narrowing down the number of applicants to match available class spaces.

“There’s just so much talent in so many dance styles amongst the students, it doesn’t make our job any easier,” Ali said.

Their year got off to a flying (leaping?) start when a two-day on-site excursion, TDP Dance Camp, happened in early Term 1 with all Dance students having two intensive days with two workshops and one fitness session each day.

“It’s important to teach the students that to be able to enjoy dance they really have to have their fitness and flexibility right up there, and it also helps with recovery after injury too,” Pip emphasized.

The four workshops were run by guest tutors that included Annette McCarthy (Ballet), a graduate of the VCA (Victorian College of the Arts), Sarah Kennedy, a tutor with the Macarthur Ballet School (Sydney), ex-Erindale student Leena Wall (Hip-Hop) from Fresh Funk and Kate Ticehurst (Afro-Brazilian) from Subsdance.

Talented Dancer

Leena Wall (left) leading the Hip-Hop workshop

Alex Clifford from the Erindale Leisure Centre also came along as a tutor leading the Fitness sprint/spin class on Friday.

The Talented Dance Program has filled a void that many young dancers were looking for to incorporate their love of Dance with their senior school studies. Already the pathways are starting to become clearer as evidenced by ex-students Rachel Thornton being on-stage in The Addams Family at the Q Theatre and Brad Crockford continuing his Dance studies at Brent Street Studios in Sydney (also currently dancing professionally with Phly Crew) Another former student, Shannon Hanrahan, is now an in-demand choreographer in Sydney, choreographing for 7 Vices last year.  Also, current Yr 12 student Rikayla Martin auditioned for the famous Moulin Rouge on their most recent casting call to Australia and made it through to the final stages where only her age meant she was ineligible to be signed up.

Yet another example of the quality of Erindale TDP students is recognised in the choreographic input into the current AusDance project ESCALATE by Jacob Brown, who is also featured in the publicity material doing the promotional rounds at the moment.

Both Ali and Pip are excited with what will happen with TDP this year, particularly after being the opening dance performance at this year’s Multicultural Festival and getting rave reviews (even though it was only a few weeks into the school term). With Dance Festival and numerous other showcase events happening later in the year there will be a host of opportunities to see how good these students are.

Erindale College Talented Dance Program is certainly a showcase event for the performing arts in Canberra schools.

Posted in the MARCH Bulletin 2017

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'Sorry lord, this is it': Father recalls story of nearly drowning at South Coast
Finbar O'Mallon

March 20 2017

Will and Kevin Nash with Anuar Medina and three of his children

Kevin and William Nash, 16, who helped rescue Anuar Medina and three of his children, (L-R) Freja, 9, Francis, 11, and Francesca who almost drowned at the South Coast last week. Photo: Rohan Thomson

A Canberra man who nearly drowned along with three of his children after being caught in a rip off the South Coast has recalled the nightmarish ordeal as he heaped praise on his rescuers.

Anuar Medina, his wife Adelia, and their four children, Francis, Francesca, Freja and Anton were at the coast on March 12 enjoying lunch when they decided to go for a swim.

They stopped at an information centre and asked for directions to a safe beach and was pointed towards Denhams Beach.

At the beach, Mrs Medina and Anton stayed on the beach while Mr Medina and the other children went into the water.
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"My four kids were just playing on the sand and the water is above the knee, so I said maybe let's go a little bit further," Mr Medina said.

Mr Medina went back ashore with wife before he heard the children screaming and he ran back to the ocean. "I didn't shout for help, I thought it's not too deep; I can manage to rescue the children," Mr Medina said.

He'd grown up in Masbate province in the Philippines, right near the water where he could just jump off a bridge and start swimming.

"I respect the ocean: I know how to swim, I know how to fish."

He would later tell his mother, "the ocean here's completely different, I thought I could manage".

Mr Medina swam to Freja first as she was the closest.

He tried to hold her up, but he was paddling and couldn't touch the surface.

A wave hit him in the face and his memory was blurry after that.

"One thing I remember I was staring at [Francis and Francesca] and I thought to myself, 'Sorry Lord, this is it'," Mr Medina said.

It was at this point Canberra teenager William Nash and his father Kevin, stepped in to rescue Anuar and his children.

William told Fairfax Media that he placed Mr Medina and Freja on his surfboard as he swum backwards to shore.

"I know how dangerous rips can be, but this was the first experience I've had that was that bad in the water," he said.

According to posts on social media a third man, Henry Barrington, helped Francis and Francesca.

Mr Medina was dragged back to shore before he heard Kevin and William insisting he walked but could only lie in the sand.

"I hear this woman saying, 'All of your children are doing well'," Mr Medina said.

Mr Medina's children don't want to go near the water for now and he frequently replays the ordeal in his head.

He said he owed his life to Kevin and William Nash as well as the third man, Mr Barrington.

"If they need to get an award they deserve that," Mr Medina said.

"I want to give thanks personally for saving my children and my life, and I don't know how I'm going to repay them." "It's not their responsibility to look after us but they just volunteered. They're like angels to us."

with Kate Lockley

The Canberra Times: 20th March 2017

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'30 seconds later, he would have been gone': Canberra teen helps save family on South Coast

by Kate Lockley The Canberra Times

Will Nash

What was planned as a casual afternoon of surfing turned into a dramatic beach rescue for a Canberra father and son last Sunday.

Shortly after arriving at an unpatrolled South Coast beach on the afternoon of March 12, 16-year-old William Nash and his father, Kevin, were alerted to a family of five struggling in a rip.

With no time to spare, the quick-thinking Conder teenager handed a surfboard to a beachgoer to assist three of the children and paddled out himself to rescue the father and another child.

"I paddled out to the father and his young daughter … he was under the water and she was screaming, trying to hold him up," William told Fairfax Media.

"I grabbed him by the neck and put his head on my board. If it was 30 seconds later, he would have been gone."

Kevin also took part in the rescue.

William said the man, believed to be aged in his thirties, was unconscious when plucked from the rip.

"The whole time we were in the water, he wasn't good," William said.

They spent tense minutes trying to get the man to regain consciousness.

"He did get a bit of awareness and almost gave up and wanted to slide back into the water, but we just didn't let him," William said.

He said the rip had pulled the man and young girl more than 15 metres out from the Denhams Beach headland.

"I put him and the little girl on my board, sitting in the rip for a bit," William said.

"I jumped off and had the nose of the board and swam backwards until the waves were pushing us into shore.

"About 20 metres off shore, another bloke helped me carry him to shore and we laid him on his side."

William, Kevin and other beachgoers stayed with the man until paramedics arrived minutes later.

Far South Coast Surf Life Saving spokesman Andrew Edmunds said the rescue was one of several during the weekend's big swells.

"The father responded well to treatment on shore by ambulance and was transported to hospital in a conscious state," Mr Edmunds said.

A NSW Health spokesperson said the man was taken to Batemans Bay Hospital and later flown to Canberra in a stable condition, where he was discharged on Monday.

Mr Edmunds said the children did not require treatment.

Two days after the rescue, William said he was struggling to come to terms with the near tragedy.

"It was not until after it really hit me," William said. "I can't stop thinking about it."

For the teenager, staying focused on the rescue at hand helped him in those frightening moments.

"I just had to be focused on what was happening," he said. "Someone had to be strong and sensible out there. I just took charge of it and grabbed my board."

Father Kevin said he couldn't be prouder of his son's brave act.

"Kids these days cop a lot of flack and don't get recognition," he said. "He's more of a man than I was at 16."

Despite being an avid watergoer, William said the incident was his most traumatic surf encounter so far.

"I know how dangerous rips can be, but this was the first experience I've had that was that bad in the water," he said.

The close call served as a reminder for beachgoers to learn to identify how dangerous rip currents flow.

Erindale College, where William is currently a Year 11 student, also paid tribute to his rescue efforts on social media.

"With disregard for his own welfare, Will swiftly decided to act," the school wrote on Facebook. "Congratulations to Will and his dad Kevin for their great inspirational efforts."

The Canberra Times: March 19 2017

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Rugby 9's


A huge thank you to all teachers’, coaches and students for their efforts on the day. The day was played in Great Spirit. Again we had Illawarra Sports High performing well on the day and took out the Trophy Final, while Gungahlin College taking out the Plate Final. For the fourth year in a row Erindale College took out the Cup final. Lachlan Ingram was named player of the match in the Final.

The day could not have gone as planned without the fantastic work of Erindale College Rugby League students along with Sport and Recreation students. A big thank you goes again to Phil Dodd who was in his best form as MC for the day. Another huge thank you goes to Mitch and his hospitality students who ran the canteen on the day. The day would not have been a success without Gideon Afemui, Lazarus Vaalepu and Harley Smith-Shields who did a fantastic job referring games of 9's NRL along with league-tag.

Newsletter Issue Date: 14th March 2017

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Girls Rugby 9's

To coincide with the Canberra 9’s Erindale college also hosted the inaugural Girls League Tag 9’s at David Campese Oval in Queanbeyan.

The event saw 12 teams from the surrounding private and public schools and included 3 teams from Erindale, demonstrating the growth and strength of the Girl’s Football Codes class.

What started off as a typical beautiful sunny day in Queanbeyan turned into a rainy afternoon which was the only dampener on an otherwise very enjoyable day. There was very strong competition in each pool and many games were only decided by a couple of points. After the round games each pool was separated into the cup, plate and bowl semi-finals. Erindale having a team in each division.

At the conclusion of the day the Erindale Girls top team remained undefeated in another fantastic display of grit and determination winning the Cup Final 5-4 against SFX.

Bowl Winner: St Clares College
Plate Winner: Lake Ginninderra College
Cup Winner: Erindale College

Congratulations to year 11 student Chloe Ives who was named player of the final.

Chloe Ives

A very big thank you to former students Steve Solofa, Tom Watego and Teagan Gaughran who helped run the day. As well as current students Gideon Afemui, Harley Smith-Shields and Lazarus Vaalepu who between them somehow refereed 30 games, an amazing effort. If it wasn’t for their help this great day would have never run so smoothly.

Newsletter Issue Date: 14th March 2017

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Kye A'Hern

Congratulations to Kye A’Hern who won Round 1 and 2 (pictured at Thredbo) of the National Downhill Mountain Bike Championships. Round 3 is in Toowoomba in 2 weeks. Well done Kye.

Newsletter Issue Date: 13th February 2017

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Rylie Young

Picture – Back 5th player from the Right

Congratulation to Rylie Young, who attended the Manchester City Academy in England during the school holidays.  He gained valuable experience whilst playing in a number of games for the side.

Newsletter Issue Date: 13th February 2017

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