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In accordance with the Board of Senior Secondary Studies policy, it is expected that students will attend all scheduled classes/contact time/structured learning activities for the units in which they are enrolled.

If students are absent from class for one lesson, a day or longer, an explanation for the absence is required.

All absences are still required to be explained and can be done so by:

  • Email to – provided a workplace email address is used
  • Handwritten notes with students full name, dates and/or lines and reason
  • Medical certificate is preferred for 3 or more consecutive days for an absence
  • If the family is planning a holiday or have a sporting commitment an 'advance notice' form must be completed prior to this absence, with approval given by the Principal or Deputy Principal.. (Form are available from student services).  A email or note must also be attached.

All absences using any of the above methods must be submitted within five school days after returning to College.

If a parent/guardian rings the school, this is appreciated, however, they will be informed that written documentation is required.

For more information on ERINDALE COLLEGE ATTENDANCE POLICY please read here

Year 11 and Year 12 Students - V Grade Alert Information - Click Here PDF File

Year 10 Students - Absence and Assessment Alert Information -  Click Here PDF File

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