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Student Services (e-knex)

e-knex is the centre for student services and is responsible for matters relating to student welfare and any concerns you may have regarding your life at college including attendance, academic progress or other needs.
Student Services comprises of:

  • Deputy Principal
  • Executive Teacher
  • Administrative Staff
  • Careers Advisor  & Work Experience Coordinator
  • VET/ASBA Coordinator
  • Transition and Careers Officer
  • Counsellor
  • Chaplain

The Executive Teacher deals with student's issues such as long term illness, absenteeism, new enrolments and leavers.

Administrative Staff

Administrative staff are available throughout the school day to answer general queries regarding absences, class changes, enrolments, leaving school etc.  

Careers adviser

Can help with:
* Work experience placements
* Course and class selection advice
* ATAR estimates
* Advise on work and training options after college

Make an appointment or drop in.

VET/ ASbA Coordinator

Vocational Education & Training (VET)
Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBA)
Assists and supports students in Vocational Education & opportunities to achieve a nationally recognised qualification by combining paid work & training as part of your education programme

Transition and Careers Officer

Assists with transition into college and transition to employment or further study after college.  Can also assist with work Experience Placements and monitors the ACT Youth Commitment for students under 17

College Counsellor

The College Counsellor is available on a part time basis (available Monday, Wednesday and Friday) to help with any difficulties and/or problems students may encounter.
Appointments are necessary. 


Teachers mark their rolls in every lesson and record attendance on the college database. Notes from parents/ guardians are a legal requirement to explain any absences.

Students may lose points for a unit if they have 4 or more unexplained absences in a term unit and 8 or more unexplained absences in a semester unit, ie: no acceptable note received.  These unexplained absences may result in a V-grade (fail).

Students must submit a hand written note, signed by a parent/guardian with the student's full name, correct dates/times and acceptable reason.  All signed notes are checked by Administrative staff against the parent/guardian signature which is recorded on student files. 

Notes must be submitted within 5 days of an absence.  If absent for 3 or more consecutive days a medical certificate is preferred.

Advance Notice of Absence

Students are required to inform the college in writing of any advanced absence, ie: overseas trips and interstate sporting events.  A form is available from Student Services to be completed by classroom teachers for any assessment items that due during this period.  This form must then be approved & signed by the Principal or Deputy Principal.

Class Changes

Students can change classes within the first week of each semester.  This is done in consultation with the Link teacher who will ensure changes are for curriculum or career reasons ONLY.  After initial consultation with the teachers, changes will then be made in Student Services, depending on the availability in that class.

Student Profiles On-Line

Students can access their ACT BSSS Academic Records on-line through website.  This is for students to keep track of their progress in relation to courses, grades and scores.

Change of Personal Details

You must inform student services if you have changed your address, mobile or parent/guardian contact details.  Proof of Residency is required for any address change.  If is important to keep this up to date to receive school news, student reports and for teachers to contact parents / guardians.  A form is available for Student Services or the college website.

Leaving College

Students intending to leave college permanently MUST complete a leavers form (available for Student Services) When complete hand into Student Services with your ID Card.
Under new legislation students Under 17 years of age must also apply for an Approval Statement or Exemption Certificate at

Other Information and Forms Available from Student Services Students

  • Register car registration
  • Change of Personal Details/ address Form
  • Leavers Form- including U17 applications
  • Special Consideration Forms- is for students who have missed exams due to medical or special circumstances
  • New Enrolment packs - appointments necessary
  • Check notice boards for regular updates.

What is the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate?

The  ACT Senior Secondary Certificate (ACT SSC) consists of:
*    the certificate, detailing your years of attendance and the college you are graduating from, and
*    the Record of Achievement, that details your studies throughout college.

They are awarded to all senior secondary students who have successfully met the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (ACT BSSS) requirements. It is used by a wide variety of people including Australian and International education or training institutions, and employers. You could also provide a copy when you apply for awards or scholarships, or if applying for voluntary work with community organisations. Your ACT SSC is a very important document. Keep it in a safe place and always supply a certified copy to interested people, never the original.

Who is eligible to receive the Certificate?

The  ACT Senior Secondary Certificate is awarded to all students who
(1) complete an educational program approved by a college as having a coherent pattern of study in years 11 and 12, and
(2) meet the ACT BSSS requirements.

You can complete an ACT SSC through either a standard package or, if you are commencing college studies after your original cohort has graduated, an abridged package.

The ACT BSSS requirements for an ACT SSC standard package are:
*   a minimum of four different  A, T, M, H, C or E courses from at least three different course areas. These must include at least two A, T or M courses and one of these must be in the English course area.
*    completing at least 17 standard units.
*    completing the package in no more than five years

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