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Erindale College is in the Tuggeranong Network of schools in Canberra and provides learning programs for 600 students in years 10, 11 and 12 during the day and some 500 adult learners during evening sessions. Our college is the centre of a community complex which includes a modern 443 seat performance theatre. The complex has the joint-use public and college Erindale Library and the Active Leisure Centre includes a swimming pool and fully equipped gym and group fitness spaces with a membership of two thousand people.

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Open Night 10th May 2017

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Enrolling for 2017

To make this process easier for those wishing to enrol or transfer, please use the online enrolment/transfer form.

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Cambridge Year 10

Applications for Cambridge Year 10 (IGCSE) 2017 are now open! This program provides students with an excellent preparation for Tertiary study in Years 11 and 12.

Applications are due in to the College by Friday 19th of August (Term 3, week 4). Entrance testing will occur during week 6, and successful applicants will be notified by the end of Term 3.

Parents and students interested in the Cambridge Program for Year 10 in 2017 are invited to attend the Year 10 Information Evening on Wednesday 27th of July at 6pm. Applications will be available on the night or can be accessed from the college website.

Application for Cambridge Year 10

If you have any enquiries, please contact Amy Smith on 61422971 or at

Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Erindale College is offering gifted and talented students in Year 9 the opportunity to study for the Cambridge IGCSE. Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. It is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport for progression and success.

The program will focus on the core subjects of:

  • English Literature
  • Mathematics Extended
  • Science: with a focus on Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Global Perspectives: this course develops the ability to think critically about a range of global issues where there is always more than one point of view.

The program will commence in Semester 2 of 2016 and will run for 18 months. Students undertaking this course will also meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum for Year 10, receiving this qualification at the end of 2017.

In addition, this program also provides students with an excellent preparation for study in Years 11 and 12.

An information session will be held in the Conference Room, Erindale College on Wednesday 1 June at 5.30pm. For more information please contact Debbie O’Brien on 61422984 or Amy Smith at INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION AT ERINDALE COLLEGE

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Cambridge International Logo

Erindale College has successfully undergone the rigorous application and approval process for Cambridge International Education. The feedback from our 'inspector' was that our presentation was the best he had seen and we have now been approved as a Cambridge International School, joining more than 10,000 Cambridge schools in over 160 countries worldwide. In fact, Erindale College is the first public education college in Australia to be granted this status by Cambridge International Examinations.

Erindale College is offering Cambridge International Educations programs for the IGCSE and AS Levels, catering for students in years 9, 10 and 11. This will be extended to Year 12 in 2017.

Applications for Cambridge Year 9 (IGCSE) Semester 2 are now open, they are due in to the College by Friday 27th May (Term 2, week 5). Entrance testing will occur during week 6, and successful applicants will be notified by week 7.

Parents and students interested in the 2016 Cambridge Program for Year 9 and the 2017 program for Years 10 and 11 are invited to attend the Erindale College Open Night on Thursday 12th May.  This night will give you the opportunity to meet and discuss pathways and opportunities with Cambridge teachers, in addition to picking up an application pack.

If you have any enquiries or would like to request an application form, please do not hesitate to contact Amy Smith at

For more detailed information go to to understand what is on offer; or simply Google Cambridge International Education.

Cambridge International Application Process

Erindale College is offering Cambridge International Education qualifications:

  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for students in Years 9, 10 or 11
  • Cambridge Advanced (AS and A levels) for students in Years 11 and 12 respectively.

Please contact the college on 61422977 for further information.

Michael Hall

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'Sorry lord, this is it': Father recalls story of nearly drowning at South Coast
Finbar O'Mallon

March 20 2017

Will and Kevin Nash with Anuar Medina and three of his children

Kevin and William Nash, 16, who helped rescue Anuar Medina and three of his children, (L-R) Freja, 9, Francis, 11, and Francesca who almost drowned at the South Coast last week. Photo: Rohan Thomson

A Canberra man who nearly drowned along with three of his children after being caught in a rip off the South Coast has recalled the nightmarish ordeal as he heaped praise on his rescuers.

Anuar Medina, his wife Adelia, and their four children, Francis, Francesca, Freja and Anton were at the coast on March 12 enjoying lunch when they decided to go for a swim.

They stopped at an information centre and asked for directions to a safe beach and was pointed towards Denhams Beach.

At the beach, Mrs Medina and Anton stayed on the beach while Mr Medina and the other children went into the water.
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"My four kids were just playing on the sand and the water is above the knee, so I said maybe let's go a little bit further," Mr Medina said.

Mr Medina went back ashore with wife before he heard the children screaming and he ran back to the ocean. "I didn't shout for help, I thought it's not too deep; I can manage to rescue the children," Mr Medina said.

He'd grown up in Masbate province in the Philippines, right near the water where he could just jump off a bridge and start swimming.

"I respect the ocean: I know how to swim, I know how to fish."

He would later tell his mother, "the ocean here's completely different, I thought I could manage".

Mr Medina swam to Freja first as she was the closest.

He tried to hold her up, but he was paddling and couldn't touch the surface.

A wave hit him in the face and his memory was blurry after that.

"One thing I remember I was staring at [Francis and Francesca] and I thought to myself, 'Sorry Lord, this is it'," Mr Medina said.

It was at this point Canberra teenager William Nash and his father Kevin, stepped in to rescue Anuar and his children.

William told Fairfax Media that he placed Mr Medina and Freja on his surfboard as he swum backwards to shore.

"I know how dangerous rips can be, but this was the first experience I've had that was that bad in the water," he said.

According to posts on social media a third man, Henry Barrington, helped Francis and Francesca.

Mr Medina was dragged back to shore before he heard Kevin and William insisting he walked but could only lie in the sand.

"I hear this woman saying, 'All of your children are doing well'," Mr Medina said.

Mr Medina's children don't want to go near the water for now and he frequently replays the ordeal in his head.

He said he owed his life to Kevin and William Nash as well as the third man, Mr Barrington.

"If they need to get an award they deserve that," Mr Medina said.

"I want to give thanks personally for saving my children and my life, and I don't know how I'm going to repay them." "It's not their responsibility to look after us but they just volunteered. They're like angels to us."

with Kate Lockley

The Canberra Times: 20th March 2017

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'30 seconds later, he would have been gone': Canberra teen helps save family on South Coast

by Kate Lockley The Canberra Times

Will Nash

What was planned as a casual afternoon of surfing turned into a dramatic beach rescue for a Canberra father and son last Sunday.

Shortly after arriving at an unpatrolled South Coast beach on the afternoon of March 12, 16-year-old William Nash and his father, Kevin, were alerted to a family of five struggling in a rip.

With no time to spare, the quick-thinking Conder teenager handed a surfboard to a beachgoer to assist three of the children and paddled out himself to rescue the father and another child.

"I paddled out to the father and his young daughter … he was under the water and she was screaming, trying to hold him up," William told Fairfax Media.

"I grabbed him by the neck and put his head on my board. If it was 30 seconds later, he would have been gone."

Kevin also took part in the rescue.

William said the man, believed to be aged in his thirties, was unconscious when plucked from the rip.

"The whole time we were in the water, he wasn't good," William said.

They spent tense minutes trying to get the man to regain consciousness.

"He did get a bit of awareness and almost gave up and wanted to slide back into the water, but we just didn't let him," William said.

He said the rip had pulled the man and young girl more than 15 metres out from the Denhams Beach headland.

"I put him and the little girl on my board, sitting in the rip for a bit," William said.

"I jumped off and had the nose of the board and swam backwards until the waves were pushing us into shore.

"About 20 metres off shore, another bloke helped me carry him to shore and we laid him on his side."

William, Kevin and other beachgoers stayed with the man until paramedics arrived minutes later.

Far South Coast Surf Life Saving spokesman Andrew Edmunds said the rescue was one of several during the weekend's big swells.

"The father responded well to treatment on shore by ambulance and was transported to hospital in a conscious state," Mr Edmunds said.

A NSW Health spokesperson said the man was taken to Batemans Bay Hospital and later flown to Canberra in a stable condition, where he was discharged on Monday.

Mr Edmunds said the children did not require treatment.

Two days after the rescue, William said he was struggling to come to terms with the near tragedy.

"It was not until after it really hit me," William said. "I can't stop thinking about it."

For the teenager, staying focused on the rescue at hand helped him in those frightening moments.

"I just had to be focused on what was happening," he said. "Someone had to be strong and sensible out there. I just took charge of it and grabbed my board."

Father Kevin said he couldn't be prouder of his son's brave act.

"Kids these days cop a lot of flack and don't get recognition," he said. "He's more of a man than I was at 16."

Despite being an avid watergoer, William said the incident was his most traumatic surf encounter so far.

"I know how dangerous rips can be, but this was the first experience I've had that was that bad in the water," he said.

The close call served as a reminder for beachgoers to learn to identify how dangerous rip currents flow.

Erindale College, where William is currently a Year 11 student, also paid tribute to his rescue efforts on social media.

"With disregard for his own welfare, Will swiftly decided to act," the school wrote on Facebook. "Congratulations to Will and his dad Kevin for their great inspirational efforts."

The Canberra Times: March 19 2017

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Rugby 9's


A huge thank you to all teachers’, coaches and students for their efforts on the day. The day was played in Great Spirit. Again we had Illawarra Sports High performing well on the day and took out the Trophy Final, while Gungahlin College taking out the Plate Final. For the fourth year in a row Erindale College took out the Cup final. Lachlan Ingram was named player of the match in the Final.

The day could not have gone as planned without the fantastic work of Erindale College Rugby League students along with Sport and Recreation students. A big thank you goes again to Phil Dodd who was in his best form as MC for the day. Another huge thank you goes to Mitch and his hospitality students who ran the canteen on the day. The day would not have been a success without Gideon Afemui, Lazarus Vaalepu and Harley Smith-Shields who did a fantastic job referring games of 9's NRL along with league-tag.

Newsletter Issue Date: 14th March 2017

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Girls Rugby 9's

To coincide with the Canberra 9’s Erindale college also hosted the inaugural Girls League Tag 9’s at David Campese Oval in Queanbeyan.

The event saw 12 teams from the surrounding private and public schools and included 3 teams from Erindale, demonstrating the growth and strength of the Girl’s Football Codes class.

What started off as a typical beautiful sunny day in Queanbeyan turned into a rainy afternoon which was the only dampener on an otherwise very enjoyable day. There was very strong competition in each pool and many games were only decided by a couple of points. After the round games each pool was separated into the cup, plate and bowl semi-finals. Erindale having a team in each division.

At the conclusion of the day the Erindale Girls top team remained undefeated in another fantastic display of grit and determination winning the Cup Final 5-4 against SFX.

Bowl Winner: St Clares College
Plate Winner: Lake Ginninderra College
Cup Winner: Erindale College

Congratulations to year 11 student Chloe Ives who was named player of the final.

Chloe Ives

A very big thank you to former students Steve Solofa, Tom Watego and Teagan Gaughran who helped run the day. As well as current students Gideon Afemui, Harley Smith-Shields and Lazarus Vaalepu who between them somehow refereed 30 games, an amazing effort. If it wasn’t for their help this great day would have never run so smoothly.

Newsletter Issue Date: 14th March 2017

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Kye A'Hern

Congratulations to Kye A’Hern who won Round 1 and 2 (pictured at Thredbo) of the National Downhill Mountain Bike Championships. Round 3 is in Toowoomba in 2 weeks. Well done Kye.

Newsletter Issue Date: 13th February 2017

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Rylie Young

Picture – Back 5th player from the Right

Congratulation to Rylie Young, who attended the Manchester City Academy in England during the school holidays.  He gained valuable experience whilst playing in a number of games for the side.

Newsletter Issue Date: 13th February 2017

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