In accordance with the Board of Senior Secondary Studies policy, it is expected that students will attend all scheduled classes/contact time/structured learning activities for the units in which they are enrolled.

Teachers mark their rolls in every lesson. It is a legal requirement that parents/guardians explain their child's absence.

Students may V grade a unit if they have numerous absences which have no acceptable reason to explain them.

If students are absent from class for one lesson, a day, or longer, an explanation for the absence is required.

All absences are required to be explained and can be done so via:

All explanations for student absences must be submitted within five school days after returning to College.

If a parent/guardian contacts the school by phone, whilst this is appreciated, they will be informed that written documentation is required to justify the absence.

Advance Notice of Absence

Parents are required to inform the college in writing of any advanced absence proposed for 5 or more days, e.g. overseas or domestic travel and interstate sporting events. In consultation with their teachers, students are required to negotiate the makeup of any missed work or assessment tasks and make a record using the ‘Advanced Notice’ form (available from Student Services). Once complete, this form must then be approved and signed by the Principal or delegate PRIOR to the intended absence.

For more information on ERINDALE COLLEGE ATTENDANCE POLICY please read here

Year 11 and Year 12 Students - V Grade Alert Information -PDF File

Year 10 Students - Absence and Assessment Alert Information -  PDF File