Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q - If I change my mind about what I want to study, can I change classes?
A - Absolutely. There are better times to change your classes, but it's best to discuss your options with your Link teacher, or a member of the Student Wellbeing team.

Q - What's the difference between "A" classes and "T" classes?
A -  "T" classes contribute score to calculate an ATAR for university entrance, "A" classes do not.

Q - If I am sick, can I organise extensions of time for assignments?
A - Yes. Chat with the Student Services team and if you have a medical certificate it is really straight forward.

Q - Is tutorial support available for students?
A - Yes. Access to the Learning Hub is available to all students. Check the timetable for hours of operation.

Q - Can students smoke/vape on school grounds?
A- No. ACT law prohibits smoking/vaping on school grounds in Canberra. Students, staff, parents and carers, and contractors are all prohibited from smoking/vaping on Erindale College grounds. This includes the carpark, the ovals, the tennis and basketball courts, the footpaths and cycle-paths.

Q - Can students leave the school grounds when they do not have class?
A - Yes. Students can leave the school grounds when they are not required to be in a timetabled class. Students are responsible for making sure that they return to school in time for their next class if they decide to leave.

Q - Can I complete Work Experience while at Erindale?
A- Yes. Make a time to speak with our friendly Transition and Careers Officer at e-knex.

Q - I've heard that if you study certain subjects you will get better results and a better ATAR. Is that true?
A - Not necessarily. We encourage all our students to take classes that they are good at and enjoy. By following your interests, you are more likely to achieve the success you are after. Research shows that students who enjoy what they study are more likely to achieve the success they are after. Research also shows that students who are persistent in their study - showing grit, determination and resilience - are likely to achieve success in their post-school endeavours.

Q - Does Erindale offer preparation for the AST?
A - Yes. We offer a comprehensive program to assist year 12 students who are pursuing university entrance immediately after college.

Q - I'm not interested in university straight after college - but I might want to go later. What are my options?
A - You have a range of options to access university later. You can, for example, complete a program through the CIT that articulates into university, you can apply directly to your university of choice if they offer flexible entry, or you can try mature-age entry. Our Careers team (part of e-knex Student Services) can help you through your options.

Q - I am looking for an apprenticeship, do I need to stay at school?
A - Yes, but you have some options. The school leaving age across Australia is now 17. Once you have completed Year 10, you have three options: complete year 12, participate in full-time work, or undertake further training (an apprenticeship). If you don't have an apprenticeship lined up before you start college, you need to attend school until you are signed up as an apprentice with an employer or until you are involved in full-time work. If you are not at school - but working or in an apprenticeship - you will need to complete an "Approval Statement" that is available from your school or from the ACT Education and Training Directorate. In some limited cases, young people can be exempted from the ACT Education Act requirements.  'Exemption' is a more complex process and is available in limited circumstances.

Q - Why does Erindale offer such a broad range of classes? Why not just focus on the key areas like English, Maths and Science?
A - Research shows that students who access a broad curriculum are more likely to be engaged with their schooling and therefore more likely to succeed at school. A rich and diverse education enriches the social and emotional wellbeing of students.