Year 10 in College

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The Erindale College Year 10 Program allows Year 10 students to complete their Year 10 Certificate full-time at Erindale College, in conjunction with access to specialist programs including the Talented Sports Program, Academic Honours Program and the Talented Dance Program.

The program is open to students who are able to demonstrate:

  • A high level of expertise in either Sport (TSP), Dance (TDP), or other academic areas of the curriculum
  • A high level of self-management
  • Strong application to academic endeavour
  • A clear pathway for the future, including goal setting
  • C-Grade average in recent reports

The program has proved very beneficial to students.  As well as giving students the opportunity to develop their talents in Sport, Dance, English, Mathematics and Science whilst being supported by high quality teachers who are experts in their field, the Year 10 Program has also provided students with excellent preparation for college.  Feedback from current parents and students shows that students feel very prepared for college with a good understanding of how the college system works and well developed study habits.

Year 10 Information Flyer

Year 10 FAQ 2023


Due to limited numbers, there will be one annual intake into the Year 10 in College Program for each year. Applications must include submission of the generic Year 10 in College Application form and either a Talented Sports, Talented Dance or Academic Honours Program Application form (see links to forms below). Application forms may be emailed with scanned supporting documents, or mailed/brought in as a hardcopy to the College. If emailing please send it to


REQUIRED (at LEAST one of the following):

For special consideration or in extraordinary circumstances, please contact the front office to arrange an appointment with the Principal. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application for entry into the following year.

Current Year 9 students interested in joining Erindale College for our Year 10 Talented Sports, Talented Dance and/or Academic Honours Program are encouraged to access the information on this website. If you have any further questions, please contact the school at

Round 2 Applications Close:  28th October 2022