College Board and P&C

College Board and P&C

Our College Board meet regularly to make decisions regarding school policies, school planning, community involvement, finance and other school matters. The Board includes three parent representatives, two student representatives, two staff members, and the Principal.

Erindale College Parents and Citizens Association

The function of the association is to promote parent participation and to enable parents to contribute to the College and to ACT public education.

Erindale College P&C Association executive committee members should be encouraged to also stand for the College Board.  The Board is required to include three members of the parent community.  Having P&C Association executive committee members included on the Board facilitates communication and ensures a coordinated approach to matters raised in either forum.

P&C Brochure

P&C Membership Committee:

* President - Chris Hanger

* Vice President - Paul Styles

* Secretary - Tracy Costigan

* Treasurer - Simon Williams

* Public Officer - Danielle Banks

* Community Member - Gary Lawson

* P&C Council Delegate- Paul Styles