Future Students

Future Students

Why choose Erindale College?

Erindale College provides exciting and diverse pathways for the full range of learners. We are dedicated to ensuring that every student is known, valued and cared for in a respectful and nurturing learning environment. Staff at Erindale College are passionate and committed to focusing on innovative teaching practices that make the most difference to students and their learning.

In the heart of a community complex, students at Erindale College have unique access to facilities including the Erindale Theatre, Erindale Library and Active Leisure Centre.

Delivering high quality courses and programs, students at Erindale College receive a world-class education with diverse and flexible options for all. Have a read through our Erindale College Prospectus for more details.

Erindale College is a Category B School, and NSW Pathways school for those NSW residents wishing to take up the opportunity to enrol in the ACT Senior Secondary (college) system.

College Features

  • Inclusive, nurturing environment with students at the centre of all we do
  • School wide approach to wellbeing with effective pastoral care model
  • Strong partnerships with local primary and high schools
  • Strong programs in STEM, including courses in Aviation and Aviation (Drones)
  • Outstanding facilities
  • Specialist Programs – Year 10 in College, Honours Program, Talented Sports and Talented Dance
  • Strong Performing Arts program with community partnerships
  • Links with Australian National University (ANU) and ANU extension courses
  • Expert teaching staff with specialist skills in teaching areas
  • Academy structure to enable connected, cross curricular learning experiences
  • The Learning Hub academic support service
  • Student Leadership Group
  • Australian School Based Apprenticeships
  • Vocational Education
  • Class ACT CafĂ© Hospitality Trade Training Centre
  • Sydney FC school partnership

We welcome visitors to our school. To make an appointment, please phone on (02) 6142 2977.

Talented Sports Program

Talented Dance Program

Year 10 Program