Erindale College

ACT Qualifications

Students at Erindale College study courses accredited by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS). Students may be issued the following qualifications and statements.

  •  ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and Record of Achievement
  • Tertiary Entrance Statement
  • Statement of Achievement
  • VET Certificates and Statements of Attainment

Further information about these qualifications can be found on the BSSS website - ACT Qualifications


  • As a result of the Review of Certification in 2014, there are significant changes in the naming of credentials in 2015.
  • A testamur named the "Australian Capital Territory Senior Secondary Certificate" will be introduced and will sit side by side with;
  • A record of results named the "Australian Capital Territory Senior Secondary Record of Achievement" (previously called the ACT Year 12 Certificate)
  • The name of the Tertiary Entrance Statement will remain unchanged.
  • A record of results named the "Australian Capital Territory Statement of Achievement" (previously called the Australian Capital Territory Secondary College Record") will be issued to students who do not qualify for a certificate.
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