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English  English2

This Academy adopts an approach which provides opportunities to:

  • Learn about the world through a wide range of classic and modern books and films covering topics such as war, fantasy, science fiction, Shakespeare, comedy, crime, satire, and Gothic and modern horror
  • Learn and communicate in an online environment
  • Identify your own areas of interest, negotiate tasks, develop team work and communication skills
  • Develop your analytical and writing skills for a wide range of careers and future studies 
  • Develop your creativity in both multimedia and writing
  • Enhance your understanding of the global context we live in through cultural studies and languages




This academy is relevant to students who want to work in fields which require teamwork, written and oral communication skills, a global focus and cultural knowledge.  It is relevant for students who seek a career in law, journalism or the booming creative industries such as computer games where there is world wide demand for concept work, narrative and dialogue.

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