Erindale College

Erindale Sports Academy

Executive Teacher: Mark Armstrong
ESA Staff: Ash Barnes, Tim Davies, Sebastian Gray, Kate Greenacre, Daniel Hawke, Natalie Keen, Natasa Radosavljevic

The Erindale Sports Academy enjoys the unique advantages afforded by the facilities of the Active Leisure Centre. Students are offered a range of courses catering for different interests and ability levels.

In 1993, the famed Erindale Talented Sports Program was launched. The program has been developed in response to the needs of students who wish to achieve excellence in both academic and sporting pursuits. TSP offers students the opportunity to develop their sporting ability in selected squads with specialised coaching staff while providing a supportive and structured environment in which to maximise their academic potential.

Erindale College has taken the next step to service students in TSP by:

  • Providing up to date facilities for student use
  • Recruiting staff at the elite level in sport, specialising in Coaching, Strength and Conditioning and Athlete Career Education
  • Offering students’ academic studies at 3 levels: Tertiary, Vocational and Accredited

The success of the program has been recognised at national and international level, with visiting administrators and teachers from throughout Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Peoples’ Republic of China and South Africa.

See our Course Guide for specific course information

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