Erindale College

Mathematics, Science and Information Technology Academy (MSITA)

Executive Teacher: Debbie O'Brien
MSITA Staff: Miriam Ambrose,  Jodie Beaumont, Roasin Boadle, Terry Brady, Ross Burdon, Johnathan Flores, James Hall, Fiona Nicholson, Helen Souflias-Mantinaos, Aruna Williams

The Maths, Science and IT Academy offers courses in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Flight and IT.

Academy Highlights

Erindale Mathematics teachers have:

  • Received an ACT Department of Education Excellence Award for driving innovation and best practice
  • Presented professional learning workshops for mathematics teachers in the ACT & NSW
  • Represented ACT Mathematics teachers on the committee of the Canberra Mathematical Association

Erindale Mathematics students have been:

  • Highly successful in the Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Successful participants in the ANU Secondary College Mathematics Program
  • Successful participants in the Australian Mathematics Enrichment Program

Erindale Mathematics provides:

  • Successful pathways to university, Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) and other training providers
  • Links with other schools
  • Use of technology including state-of-art Mathematics software, graphics calculators and interactive whiteboards

See our Course Guide for specific course information.

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